Cooperation – Empathy – Communication

“The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation.”
– Bertrand Russel

Work in the future is built on cooperation. The more complex the world becomes, the more critical the ability to engage in stable cooperation is. This can only function if communication and culture are in sync. The basis required here is a direct and sincere exchange. Only this generates unity and is an integral part of organisation culture – not unlike the nervous system of an organism.  Empathy, as the ability to emotionally identify with the situation and feelings of another person, is a key to successful communication – and to the development of potential.

Cooperation, communication and empathy form the core of my work as consultant for enterprises, agencies and organisations. By comprehending and addressing both the systemic as well as the interpersonal elements of teams and organisational structures, I inspire the willingness to accept and implement change. This is how I contribute to creating a symbiotic culture for everyone involved, to build stronger teams and enterprises that are fit for the future.

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